Thursday, 21 April 2011


This was started on location, but it was so cold, I had to take a picture and finish at home. "TITLE" ---"ABERDEEN BREAKWATER"
This is A Scottish Casle ( I forget which one) using a wash off technique for reflections.
.Title  " Autumn`s Legacy", I did most of this out in the snow, it was callenging to get the right atmosphere.
Below left is  one of my favourite Animals 1The Wolf¬ TITLE --"CALL OF THE WILD 1"
This is   "CALL OF THE WILD 2"
This one of a Mountain Lion is `Titled` "HERE`S LOOKING AT YOU" 
 The Painting below was done on location in `Duthie Park` "Winter Gardens" Aberdeen.Title "Peace and Tranquility"
The painting below was a location study of Moorhens on nest and ducks attacking them !!!!!
The Still life here is entitled " POPPY`S AND FRUIT"
This study `Still Life` is entitled " SPANISH MEMORIES"
This face intruiged me, the eyes were amazing, I cut a small pic. out of the papers and did this quite large, not easy to do in watercolour as you have to keep wetting the whole face all the time.
The painting below was also a face that got to me it of a little Curdish Boy during the war there.. TITLE is " CANDLE OF HOPE"
This is  a study  TITLE ---"RARE SPECIES"
Below. This is Called "DRAGONFLY HABITAT", It was challenge to get the feeling right in this one. Below is  study of a Dragonfly, thia was done with A salt technique, (putting rock salt on the wet paint then removing when dry.
Another example of the Salt technique. Title ---"Angel Fish with Attitude".............. Thanks for looking, Carole.


  1. oh my goodness, Carole, it just gets better and better! These are totally beautiful, quite a different effect from the other mediums (media??) you used, so so lovely to look at. Have you sold these? They must have been snapped up! They are just the kind of work you find printed in books of postcards and sold in gift shops, I would certainly buy a book like that. I love Peace & Tranquility, and the Moorhens, Rare Species, Study of a Dragonfly....well they are all amazing but these are my personal favourites. Thanks for showing these. CoB

  2. Gallery perfect quality every one. You have captured the mood from the Aberdeen Breakwater to the Peace and Tranquiity of of the Duthie Gardens.
    The faces are indeed intriguing and the technique you used must have taken a lot of patience. I could almost hear the wolves howling against the backdrop of the snow. Rare Species is altogether lovely along with the Habitat and the Dragonfly. Could almost see the 'attitude; of the Angel Fish too. Very well done. Brilliant work.